The film version of “The Hunger Games” manages to divert from its own hype by a telling a genuinely compelling story in a stunningly workmanlike and confident manner. Despite its target audience, there is no pandering to younger audiences and I suspect many adults will get significantly more out of the treasure trove of nods to film and literature classics. While it’s not a wholly original piece, it creates a pretty wonderful sociological patchwork from its various influences. Recommended.

-J. Olson

Rating: ★★★★ out of ★★★★★ (Very Good)

Blu-ray Features:

Disc 1
• Feature Film

Disc 2
• Game Maker: Suzanne Collins and the Hunger Games Phenomenon
• The World is Watching: Making the Hunger Games
• Letters from the Rose Garden
• Controlling the Games
• A Conversation with Gary Ross and Elvis Mitchell
• Preparing for The Games: A Director’s Process (Blu-ray Exclusive)
• Propaganda Film
• Marketing Archive

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