The crowd-pleasing nature of the original trilogy is in short supply here and the newfound intimacy of the story will put off a lot of viewers. The understated nature of Gilroy’s screenplay brings a breathability that’s all new to the series, and I expect the reaction to be rather diverse. But, the commitment to reinvention on the part of the filmmakers is admirable and the open-ended nature of the conclusion suggests that we haven’t seen the last of these characters – including Jason Bourne. Despite a few hiccups in the story, there’s nothing “wrong” with the film on a technical level. It’s a film of small but definite victories. But, I suspect it won’t provide the cinematic jolt that many are looking for in a “Bourne” film.

Rating: ★★★ out of ★★★★★ (OK)

-J. Olson

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