UPDATE: Congrats to Brian Julio Herrera on winning our first ever giveaway! He won a $20 Amazon gift card! Thanks to all who entered. Look for another giveaway to begin soon.

Our 1st giveaway is a bit of a test run, if you will. A shot in the dark. Giving away Blu-ray discs or Netflix subscriptions or movie chain gift cards would make more sense (and I’m sure we’ll do that in the future), but Amazon gift cards have extremely broad appeal. And this first of many contests is all about connecting with as many new and old readers as possible! Have ideas for stuff you’d like to see us give away in the future? Let us know! Have something you’d like us to give away to our readers? Bring it on!

Everyone loves free stuff, and there’s nothing better than paying you back for reading the site! Thanks for being awesome!

Enter here (giveaway runs through February 15th, 2013): Facebook

-J. Olson