News broke today that “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” will see an IMAX re-release next month, just before the Indiana Jones series hits Blu-ray on September 18th. For fans of IMAX, this is amazing news, and it looks like “Raiders” will play for a full week on both 70mm and digital IMAX screens. Seeing classic films on the big screen with an amped-up audience is one of the great pleasures in life, especially for those of us who weren’t around for the original release.

The word is that Steven Spielberg himself oversaw this conversion to IMAX. Could this mean that next year’s “Jurassic Park” 3D conversion will see a similar IMAX treatment? All we can do is hope. But in just a month, you’ll be able to enjoy “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” in IMAX – and that’s an incredibly welcome surprise.

-J. Olson

Source: Badass Digest, Ain’t It Cool News