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The Worst Films Of 2013



Dishonorable Mention – How did it all go so wrong? Oh, yeah. David Goyer. His screenplay is a disaster and along with Zack Snyder’s unbearably gloomy direction, the result is an inexplicably dour 2.5 hour disservice to the character. The performances are all over the place, the product placement (IHOP!) is completely distracting, and the third act encapsulates everything that’s wrong with the genre. I have yet to read a single persuasive argument in favor of the film. It’s across-the-board terrible. (more…)

Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

No matter what they’re charging to get in, it’s worth more to get out.

-Roger Ebert on “Armageddon,” July 1st, 1998

Roger Ebert was a titan – perhaps the titan – of film criticism, and his rise (which began in the late 60s) signaled a major changing of the guard. Tasked with bridging the generational gap between WWII vets and baby boomers, Ebert intelligently transformed the stuffiness of his forebearers into an accessible, yet still cerebral celebration of film. Along with his television partner, the late Gene Siskel, Ebert brought movies to the masses and served as a cinematic tour guide for millions, myself included. (more…)

“Jurassic Park IV” Has A Director!

It’s no secret that Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” was the formative film of my childhood, so I’ve never taken its sequels lightly. “The Lost World” is a decidedly mixed bag that still holds a special place in my heart (oh, nostalgia!), while “Jurassic Park III” has thrills to spare but falls short in nearly every other category. The long-awaited fourth entry into the series is set for June 14, 2014, 21 years and 3 days after the original roared into theaters. After numerous false starts, the final iteration of the screenplay has been penned by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, who wrote the impressive but depressing “Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.” (more…)

Our 1st Giveaway (Updated With Winner!)

UPDATE: Congrats to Brian Julio Herrera on winning our first ever giveaway! He won a $20 Amazon gift card! Thanks to all who entered. Look for another giveaway to begin soon.

Our 1st giveaway is a bit of a test run, if you will. A shot in the dark. Giving away Blu-ray discs or Netflix subscriptions or movie chain gift cards would make more sense (and I’m sure we’ll do that in the future), but Amazon gift cards have extremely broad appeal. And this first of many contests is all about connecting with as many new and old readers as possible! Have ideas for stuff you’d like to see us give away in the future? Let us know! Have something you’d like us to give away to our readers? Bring it on! (more…)

J.J. Abrams Helming Star Wars: Episode VII After All!?!?

Based on The Wrap’s exclusive story (see link below), it looks like the temptation to direct a Star Wars film was too strong for J.J. Abrams to resist. Despite insisting last year that he wanted nothing to do with it, the “Star Trek” director is close to a deal (or has signed a deal already) with Disney to helm the 2015 continuation of George Lucas’ much beloved and much hated series of space epics. (more…)

Out Of Focus: The Downfall Of Moviegoing

Moviegoers just aren’t going anymore. When adjusted for inflation, the numbers indicate that just one of the twenty-five top-grossing domestic releases of all time came out this century – “Avatar.” As for tickets purchased, no film has cracked the 100 million mark in nearly 20 years and only five have cleared the 75 million mark since the mid 80s. It’s easy to point to other burgeoning forms of entertainment – sports, television, and the internet – but the population of the United States has more than doubled since “Gone With The Wind” sold 225 million tickets in the late 30s and early 40s. Yes, some films used to play for years instead of months, but the fact remains that 110 million people watched the Super Bowl last January while only 60 million tickets were sold for “The Avengers” last summer – many of those purchased by repeat customers.

People crave entertainment now more than ever, but the great communal experience of moviegoing is dying. And it’s the movie theaters, not the moviegoers, that are killing it. (more…)

Jurassic Park IV Set For June 2014!

Universal has set June 13th, 2014 as the release date for the long-awaited “Jurassic Park IV.” The original “Jurassic Park” is probably the single biggest reason this site exists, so you can probably guess that my excitement for this project is through the roof. (more…)

The Worst Films Of 2012



Dishonorable Mention – While not the bottom of the barrel, “The Avengers” was my biggest disappointment of the year – free of inspiration, far too small in scale, and, somehow, absolutely beloved. The rest of the world went crazy for it. Why? I think it was a combination of audiences being blinded by the inherent geekiness of bringing these characters together and the film media’s never-ending love affair with Joss Whedon. The film is disguised as something epic, when in fact it’s 2 hours of our heroes bickering on a blandly designed airship, followed by a 30-minute tussle with the most boring movie villains of the past decade. The love interests that humanized these characters in their solo films are all but ignored and the only character to get a satisfying arc is Agent Coulson, of all people. Yes, Hiddleston is great and the Hulk steals the film in its waning moments, but the post-credit scene is livlier than anything else in the picture. And it was an afterthought, filmed after the premiere. The good news is that Whedon has lots of more interesting places to go in the sequel. But my hopes won’t be nearly as high. (more…)

The Bond Themes – From Worst To Best!

To celebrate the release of “Skyfall,” the 23rd (official) James Bond film, we’ve ranked all 23 Bond theme songs (from worst to best) and provided some commentary for each track. Bond themes are the ultimate marriage between music and film, and each one has a unique story to tell – about the artist, the film, and the popular culture at the time it was released. Read on for our unique brand of opinion mixed with fact, and a little bit of historical perspective – and, of course, embedded video of all the Bond themes/openings!


Disney Buys Lucasfilm! Episode VII Imminent!?!?

Has George Lucas finally ceded control of his much beloved and much maligned “Star Wars” franchise? Is Star Wars: Episode VII on the horizon? It looks that way. This deal was kept under wraps until the last second, and it’s likely to cause tectonic shifts across multiple forms of media. It’s impossible to grasp the magnitude of this sale right now, but here’s the press release: (more…)
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